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Financial Portal

Financial Services

MindXpansion provides several option valuation services for you.

If you represent a company that wants to value the employee option grants to expense them properly according to Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Regulations, visit our Company Option valuation site, devoted specifically for your needs.

If you are an accountant seeking option valuation services for a company that you represent, visit this website devoted specifically to your needs.

If you are going through a divorce and want to find the value of employee options owned by your spouse or yourself visit our Divorce Option Valuation website devoted specifically to your needs.

If you have received job offers with options as a hiring bonus and you want to find the value of those option awards to properly compare them, visit our Employee Option Valuation site, devoted specifically to your needs.

If you represent a company that wants to post the value of your employee option grants on a password protected website so that your employees can easily view the value of their employee options at any time from anywhere in the world, visit our Option Posting site, devoted specifically for your needs.

Internet Portal

Website Services

MindXpansion provides website design services, specializing in restaurant website design, interactive website design, web applications, database interactivity, and development of membership websites.

Do you own a restaurant that you would like to showcase to customers and potential customers, to motivate them to come to your restaurant to enjoy your wonderful dishes? Your website is your doorway to the world.

Website design services for restaurants provide elegant, affordable websites with all of the features that visitors are looking for.

For companies who want to monetize specialized content on their website, we can develop a membership website for you where you can offer valuable content to your customers that have signed up for your service. Entry will be restricted to your members only, who are paying you a monthly fee to view your valuable content. They can only gain access to your membership website, using a valid username and password.

MindXpansion also develops web applications for websites so that the website can make calculations, analyze inputs, and perform all of the functions of software. Websites can interact uniquely with customers. If you need interactivity with databases, that can also be provided.

Website Resources

Links to website resources are provided for your convenience.

Health Portal

We are presently facing a health care crisis. Health care costs are increasing so rapidly that many companies who offered free health insurance to their employees are now passing a lot of the high cost on to their employees. Other employers are dropping their health care plans altogether because they have become too expensive. Millions do not have health insurance because they can't afford the premiums. There are many reasons that this situation is escalating out of control. One reason is that primary emphasis is put on treatment of the symptoms of disease, with too little emphasis on prevention of disease.

Health Services

MindXpansion provides services to help prevent disease through proper balance, proper nutrition and proper care of your body. You can get a Comprehensive Aurvedic Analysis, including Mind-Body Type Analysis, Personalized Nutriton Guide, and Balance Analysis. You can also join a Virtual Health Club which provides regular balance analyses to help prevent disease and recognize early signs of disease before they get to the stage of showing serious symptoms.

Health Resources

Our free online health check can check the balance of your system and look for early signs of disease. This web application takes you through a self-examination of your system to alert you if an imbalance is found.

MindXpansion publishes the Natural Health Tips Newsletter, which provides free wellness tips in a monthly email publication to promote vibrant health.

MindXpansion publishes Winning Ways, a free publication, dedicated to methods for enhancing our lives by seemingly simple actions that have a profound effect on our sense of well-being.

You can also read valuable health articles which deal with our health care crisis, disease prevention, health restoration, understanding what health is, the six stages of disease, and more.

An extensive health directory provides symptoms and other information on various diseases.