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Technical Analysis of Stocks

Stock Technical Analysis uses calculations and charts based on statistical analysis of price history and volume history of a security (stock, index, commodity, etc.) to predict future price movements. Technical analysts look for trends, trading patterns, peaks, and bottoms to determine buy and sell signals.

Technical analysis of stocks ignores fundamental analysis, intrinsic value, quality of management , etc. Instead, it assumes that these factors are embedded in the price movements of the stock, which is analyzed. It postulates that the asset price at any given time is a reflection of everthing that is known by the market that could affect that asset. Thus supply and demand, political and economic factors, and market sentiment have already been factored into the price. It takes the view that historical performance can predict future performance through predictable trends and patterns. Technical analysts look at the actual price movements, not the underlying factors that drove the specific price movements.

Dow Theory, developed from the writings of Charles Dow, the first editor of the Wall Street Journal, formed the foundation of the technical analysis used today. Charles Dow created the Industrial Average consisting of top blue chip stocks, and the Transport Average (at that time it consisted of railroad stocks). He observed behavior patterns in these averages that formed the basis for technical analysis, in discussions of market trends, support and resistance levels, etc. Technical analysts look for recognizable patterns that show up on a consistent basis throughout the trading history. They postulate that these patterns are driven by human psychology, that remains consistent over time.

Although some people use only technical analysis and others use only fundamental analysis, they can both be used together to form a more complete picture which can help traders to maximize their profits and minimize their risk.

Important Concepts of Stock Technical Analysis

Important indicators in technical analysis include:

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