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Market Indicators

Indicators that provide general information on the entire market rather than an individual security are called market indicators. Market indicators help you to understand the health of the overall market and its trend, because that will also have a strong impact on the future prices of individual securities you are interested in trading. When the market is rising, it tends to take most securities with it, so understanding market trends is important for maximizing your profits and minimizing your risk.

There are several categories of market indicators.

Monetary indicators help define the economic climate. They indicate the effect that the money supply has on the economy and provide information on interest rates, the money supply, inflation, and debt. Monetary indicators include the stock market, Treasury Bill rates, and credit market conditions. Monetary indicators are one of the tools used by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) when they form monetary policy.

Sentiment indicators help define investor expectations of the market. Market indicators that help gauge investor sentiment include the put/call ratio, the VIX, odd lot sales, and ratio of bullish versus bearish investment advisors. These indicators help define what investors are doing. Contrarian investors will use this information to go in the opposite direction of the crowd, which has proven to be a successful strategy at market tops and market bottoms. The majority of investors are very bullish at market tops and very bearish at market bottoms. If the vast majority of investors are extremely optimistic, then the pool of potential buyers is probably limited because most investors are already in the market. The large pool of optimists are potential sellers who can create a rush to exit the market at signs of trouble. Similarly, if there is a high level of anxiety in the market, then many investors will be in cash due to fear of the market. The large pool of pessimists are potential buyers who can create a rush into the market at the early signs of recovery.

Momentum indicators show overall market price information in various ways using the Advance-Decline Line, volume of increasing price issues compared to volume of decreasing price issues, number of stocks making new highs versus new lows, the Dow, MACD, etc.

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