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Motivate and Inform Employees with Company Stock Option Postings

Companies have been using stock options as a form of incentive compensation for some time as part of the compensation and benefits in their employee stock option plan or equity compensation plan. This has produced significant benefits both for the company that grants them as well as the employee that receives them. Options have become a significant portion of employee compensation for many companies.

Although their stock options are one of the most important sources of potential wealth they may ever own, most employees do not realize the true value of their options. Many employees just look at the intrinsic value of the options, so if the options are under water, they may think they are worthless. You know the options are worth much more than they realize. Now it is time to let them know too.

This is where our Stock Option Posting Services can be a great benefit your company and your employees! We provide a service to post the value of the options you grant to your employees on a secure website that is updated on a weekly basis so that employees can always stay current on the fair value of the options they own. This valuable information can be put in an open area for easy access or placed under password protection for restricted access.

Help your employees realize the true value of their stock options, a significant personal asset having great potential to make a major contribution to their future wealth, security and financial well-being. As a component of an effective personal financial plan, stock options can realistically help them attain their goals of a comfortable retirement, advanced education for their children, or the fulfillment of other dreams they have for a happy, secure and prosperous future.

Our option posting services are attractively priced and easy to use - there are no complicated option software programs to learn. We do all of the work and provide simple information for your employees to access anytime. It is the most cost-effective and easiest solution to help your employees stay well informed about the current value of their options, keeping them motivated to the highest degree. Contact us at marketing@mindxpansion.com to get our low price quote to meet your specific needs. Just let us know how many option positions you would like to have posted and how often you would like to have your option valuations updated. Alternately, if there is a specific budget you choose to allocate for this, just let us know that allocation and how many option positions you have; then we will structure the best program for you that gives you the most frequent updates while meeting your budgetary allocation. Stock option valuation was never so easy.

Tracking Fair Value for Your Options

We can track all of your options for your company and update fair value calculations at intervals of your choosing. We can post the fair value of your various option groups on a password protected website and update fair value weekly so that your key personnel can stay up to date on the high value that their options are worth. Options are worth much more than most people realize. It is a great way to motivate your key people to keep delivering their best. The cost for this valuable service varies depending on the specific needs of your company, so please email marketing@mindxpansion.com so that we can quote you a price to meet your specific needs. This service can be done for less than a penny per day per employee. You get high value at low cost!