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world health

Chart Logo Classic Signs of Imbalance

  • acid stomach, acne, anemia, anger, anxiety, asthma
  • back pain, blood disorders, bloodshot eyes, boils, bronchitis
  • colitis, congestion, constipation, coughs
  • diabetes, diarrhea, dull senses
  • earaches, emaciation, eye diseases
  • fatigue, food allergies
  • gas, gastritis, genito-urinary disorder
  • hay fever, heartache, heartburn, heart disease, hiccups, hoarse voice, hostility, hypertension
  • indecisiveness, indigestion, insomnia, intestinal cramps, irregular heart rhythm, impaired digestion, impaired smell, irregular digestion
  • jaundice, joint diseases
  • lethargy
  • memory loss, menstrual disorders, muscle spasm
  • nervous stomach, neurological disorders
  • obesity, overactive mind
  • peptic ulcers, poor circulation, prostatitis
  • rashes, respiratory disorders, respiratory problems
  • sadness, salivary gland impairment, sexual dysfunction, sinus congestion, sinus headache, skin cancer, skin disorders, skin inflammation, sore throat, speech defects, stress, stuttering
  • taste bud impairment, tension headaches, tonsillitis
  • ulcers
  • vision problems
  • worry

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Visit our health directory for information on conditions such as colds, pneumonia, allergies, kidney stones, and IBS. Catch it before it catches YOU!

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