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Input Data - Service 2

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option money

Input Data Used for Service 2

Inputs that are used to make fair value calculations are shown below with brief explanations for your convenience. The input data is broken into two parts - data that you provide and data that we provide (unless you enter special instructions that you would like to provide some or all of that data also).

Data that You Provide.

  1. Company Name

  2. Company Stock Symbol

  3. Strike Price - This is the price at which your options can be exercised. It is also called the Grant Price. This is the price that you effectively pay for the stock when you exercise the options.

  4. Expiration Date - The expiration date is the date at which your options expire.

  5. Number of Shares - The number of shares is how many shares of stock your options control.

  6. Projected Stock Price - The projected stock price is the price that you think your stock is moving to.

  7. Projected Date to Reach Price - The projected date to reach price is the date when you think your company stock will reach your projected price.

  8. Special Instructions - If there is any additional information you want used in the calculations, include your instructions here. If you wish to specify any of the data shown below that we enter, specify that here.

Data that We Enter (unless you give us special instructions to use data that you specify)

  1. Interest Rate - The interest rate used for Fair Value pricing of an option is the risk-free rate. The rate for a time deposit that is maturing close to the expiration date of the option is generally used.

  2. Volatility - The volatility of your company stock provides a measure of the random variability or dispersion of price data over time, usually quoted as annual standard deviation of an asset's price. We normally use historical volatility data of your company stock price for this input. If you would prefer to provide this input, we will gladly use your input.

  3. Dividends Paid - The dividends paid are the annual dividends paid by your company.

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