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Nobel Prize Winning Formulas

Although modern option pricing techniques are among the most mathematically complex of all applied areas of finance, they have reached a level of sophistication that transformed the option trading market into the hugely lucrative industry that it is today. The goal of option pricing techniques is, of course, to find the fair value for an option.

It was the ground-breaking work of Myron Scholes, Robert Merton, and the late Fischer Black, who derived the formulas that formed the basis for modern option pricing techniques and demonstrated revolutionary utility in determining what an option is worth at any given time. Their work in developing and extending the Black-Scholes formula culminated in the awarding of the Nobel Prize in economics to Myron Scholes, Stanford University professor of finance (emeritus), and Robert Merton, Harvard University, in 1997. The prize would have been shared with Fischer Black, a Harvard Ph.D., had he not met an untimely death in 1995.

This important work, which won them the Nobel Prize, allows financial analysts to accurately calculate what value to put on a financial derivative, such as a stock option, and is used in determination of the fair value of your options through our Service 1 and Service 2.

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