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Proper Accounting for
Stock Options is Required.

We Provide Option Valuation
Services to Meet This Need.

Stock Option Accounting

Rules (SFAS 123) put into effect by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), require that companies expense options properly at their fair value.

Companies need to know the fair market value of company options as they are granted and record their fair value properly as an expense. This applies to both incentive stock options (ISO) and nonqualified stock options (NQSO).

We provide stock option valuation services to meet this need.

We make the services available to both public and private companies. We use all of the factors that are stipulated by the FASB, including the exercise price of the option, the expected term of the employee option, the current expected dividends on the underlying share, and the risk-free interest rate.

We use several different option valuation models, such as the Nobel Prize winning Black-Scholes option pricing model or lattice binomial models, depending on the needs of the customer.

Stock option pricing was never so easy. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Services to Meet Your Needs

Service 1 (Valuation):

We will calculate fair value for your options as you grant them, using all of the factors that are stipulated by the FASB.

Submit your option data to determine the fair value of your options and expense them properly. If you prefer, get more details on what Service 1 can do for you.

Service 2 (What-If):

We can do what-if analyses if you would like to see how option fair value is affected by different assumptions .Submit your option data to gain insight or, if you prefer, get more details on what Service 2 can do for you.

Service 3 (Tracking):

We can track all of your options for your company and update fair value calculations at intervals of your choosing. Please email us so that we can quote you a price to meet your specific needs.

Service 4 (Volatility):

We can perform volatility analyses on your underlying stock to help project future expected volatility for your company.

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Expense Your Company Options Properly

Use our company stock option analysis services to help ensure that you properly value options to meet federal requirements.

Submit your option data for valuation of your options.

Our option valuation services are attractively priced and easy to use. We offer the lowest prices in the industry. If you can find a lower price anywhere else, we will beat the lowest price you can find! There are no complicated option software programs to learn.

We do the work and provide simple answers for you to use. Get the most cost-effective and easiest solution.

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