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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please send them to support@mindxpansion.com so that we can answer them and consider including them in this list. Thank you - we look forward to serving you further.

    General FAQ

  • Q: Why are your prices so much lower than all of your competition?
  • A: We have set up our operation for very high efficiency. We are trying to greatly expand this area of our business and the best way we can do that is to provide great value for our customers and let the word spread by word of mouth.

  • Q: What inputs do I need to provide on the option grants and how do I give you that information?
  • A: After you place your order, a screen will pop up with input boxes for you. If you have a lot of options and prefer to transfer the information in a spreadsheet, that will work fine also. Required inputs for meeting FAS 123 requirements are the option exercise prices, grant dates, expiration dates, and expected annual dividend yield. If there is a particular expected volatility level or risk-free interest rate that you wish to be used, you can provide those as inputs also. If there are any other inputs you would like used in the valuations or if you would like to specify your goals for the valuation, there is a box for inputting that information too.

  • Q: I like your services - can I place my order on-line?
  • A: Yes, you can place your order on-line and you do not have to download anything. A full valuation report will be emailed to you.

  • Q: I would like to use your services on a regular basis - do I need to order a new service each time?
  • A: No, we have monthly subscription packages at a low fee which allows you to use the services on a monthly basis.

  • Q: Do you take credit cards?
  • A: Yes, we take all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card. We also take orders using PayPal. Additionally, you can pay by check or money order.

  • Q: I only provide my credit card number on secure servers. Is your server secure?
  • A: Yes, all transactions through MindXpansion are handled by secure servers.

    Service 1 (Valuation) FAQ

  • Q: The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) wants our accounting for stock options to value the company stock options we grant, taking into consideration the following factors: the exercise price of the option, the expected term of the option, the current expected dividends on the underlying share, and the risk-free interest rate. Does your service value options in this way?
  • A: Yes, we provide stock option pricing services to companies where we calculate the fair value for all of the options you grant, using all of the factors that are stipulated by the FASB: the exercise price of the option, the expected term of the option, the current expected dividends on the underlying share, and the risk-free interest rate. We can apply a wide range of valuation techniques, including popular models such as Black-Scholes or Black-Scholes-Merton, or lattice models such as the binomial lattice model, or alternate model of your choice.

  • Q: When we grant stock options, our key personnel don't always understand the true value of what they are getting. Can your services provide this information for them through our Human Resources Department? We know this information can help motivate them to always deliver their best.
  • A: Yes, our stock option valuation services provide the fair market value for their options and we can make this information available to them.

  • Q: We grant both incentive stock options and non-quals. Can you provide information for expensing stock options for both types of options in our equity compensation plan?
  • A: Yes, our service can provide fair value for both ISO and NQSO options.

    Submit your option data for valuation of your options.

    Service 2 (What-if Analyses) FAQ

  • Q: We have some leeway in the term of the options we grant and other factors, can your service help us to make sure that we are granting our options in an efficient and cost effective manner to minimize our expenses and taxes?
  • A: Yes, Service 2 performs what-if analyses so that you can see how changing important factors can help you minimize expenses and taxes, depending on your specific goals.

  • Q: We would like to help our key personnel understand how valuable their options can be in the future. Can you provide projections to value options in the future?
  • A: Yes, our what-if analyses can also do projections to estimate option value in the future.

    Submit your option data for analysis of your options.

    Service 3 (Tracking) FAQ

  • Q: We would like to track all of the option positions that we grant to our key employees. Can you track this information for us?
  • A: Yes, Service 3 can provide services to track all of your option positions in your employee stock option plan and have all of this information available for you for your annual reports and SEC and FASB requirements.

  • Q: We would like to post the fair value of our option positions on a password protected website so that our key employees can watch the value of their options grow. Can your services provide this?
  • A: Yes, Service 3 can track the value of your option positions and we can update this information weekly and post it on a password protected website for you and your key employees to access.

    Please email sales@mindxpansion.com so that we can quote you a price to meet your specific needs. This service can be done for as little as less than a penny per day for each employee.

Analyze Your Company Options to Expense them Properly and Minimize Expenses

Use our company stock option analysis services to ensure that your stock option valuations meet federal requirements and minimize your expenses!

Submit your option data for valuation of your options.

Submit your option data for analysis of your options.